Operations Manager: Phil Weiskircher

Phone: 815-378-9623
Email: phil@netlynxsports.com

Running a tournament or camp and need to rent courts? We have the solutions for you! We specialize in Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal events across the country! In fact, we can service ANY sport that requires courts! We have portable net systems/baskets, courts/flooring, divider nets, floor tape and more. We use affordable, first class shipping for all our rentals. We can provide an onsite supervisor to manage your setup and labor. Request a quote for pricing and availability!

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Sales Manager: Alyssa King

Phone: 815-299-9924
Email: alyssa@netlynxsports.com

Looking to add courts/flooring to your facility? FlexCourt is a global leader in high performance modular sport surfaces. In fact, we were one of the first to bring this type of high-quality, sport enhancing floor to the table. Today, we continue our reign on and off the courts with innovative flooring options, custom designs, DIY or professional installations, little to no maintenance, and the most competitive performance to price ratio out there.

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Operations Manager: Renita Weiskircher

Phone: 815-997-6335
Email: renita@netlynxsports.com

We have decades of experience running events. If you would like a partner to assist your organization in bringing an event to your area, NetLynx Sports is ready to work with you! We specialize in working with convention centers, convention and visitors bureaus, hotel management, decorating, shipping & receiving, tournament formatting/scheduling, event services and more!

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Apparel Manager: Craig King

Phone: 815-931-3688
Email: craig@netlynxsports.com

Looking for event apparel for your tournament? NetLynx Sports offers complete Event Apparel services. We bring our store to your event complete with merchandising, on-site point of sale, and more. Our design team will work with your staff to determine logos, apparel types and more! And, of course, this adds another revenue stream to your event! Request a quote for more information.

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Tournament Director: Alyssa King

Phone: 815-299-9924
Email: alyssa@netlynxsports.com
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Camp Director: Alyssa King

Phone: 815-299-9924
Email: alyssa@netlynxsports.com

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