Midwest JVA Challenge Hotel Policies

Hotel Reservations can be booked online now!  Click Link to book your rooms!

For Hotel Reservations Inquiries, Contact Mary Jane Hughes
(480) 342-9925


What is Stay and Save?
Stay and save is a housing assistance plan for the Midwest JVA Challenge.  To assist in the hotel arrangements for all teams that are in need of rooms for the event, the Midwest JVA Challenge has blocked rooms throughout the city of Des Moines.

Do you need to book with our Hotels?
Teams are encouraged to book their hotel rooms for the tournament at one of the tournament sponsored hotels.  When teams stay at our hotels, the economic impact of the tournament to the city is measured and rates can continue to stay as low as possible year to year when the hotels know the event brings many people from outside the city.

How does Stay and Save help my teams?
Benefits for teams from using the tournament sponsored hotels:

  • Guaranteed lowest group room rates for the Tournament dates
  • More rooms closer to the Convention Center
  • Guaranteed Room Type and Blocking
  • Greater Direct Economic Benefits for Teams
  • Great Variety of Prices in a Great Variety of Locations

Lower Tournament Entry Fees
The city tracks verifiable room blocks to determine the economic value of the tournament to the local economy (the key word is “verifiable”). The higher the economic value of an event, the greater the willingness of the city to make convention center space available in the amount, at a reasonable price and on the desired dates for the tournament. This, in turn, helps to keep the costs of running the event in check and protects registration costs from major escalation year to year – for example, team entry fees for Midwest JVA have not increased at all during the time we’ve been using Stay and Save.