Team Check-In

Step 1 – Online Check-In will be available from Monday, May 17th – Wednesday, May 19th. 

During this step you will verify your roster and download printable forms that will be needed for Step 2.  Changes can be made to your roster prior to the event, but rosters are frozen once they are submitted and signed on. No exceptions.

Step 2 – Credential Pick-up is between 5PM and 9PM on Friday night (May 21st) at the SportsCore Two – Main Lobby.

The JVA Coaches’ Event Sign In Form must be completed in order to pick up your credentials (see below). It verifies that you have your teams’ JVA Waiver of Liability Form and a JVA Medical Waiver and Release Form or their USAV equivalent.

Required Forms

The following forms are required to be completed online prior to Online Team Check-In:

Forms You Should Have

By signing the JVA Coaches’ Sign-In Form you confirm that you are carrying the following forms or the USAV equivalent: