NetLynx Sports is committed to providing quality assistance in every area of our company.  By utilizing the contact that handles each area leading up to and throughout your event if questions arise, your event will be sure to kick of on a positive note!

Wayne King, Owner/CEO

815-703-4044 / Email Wayne

Wayne King is the CEO and Owner of NetLynx Sports. With over 20 years experience in the volleyball world, Wayne has dedicated a majority of his time to ensure that junior volleyball events in the US are successful.

Renita Weiskircher, Sales Manager/Marketing/Account Financials Manager

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Renita Weiskircher handles all new and recurring event equipment rentals including creating and maintaining contracts, event details and any additions to events that may happen due to the growth of your event. In addition to sales, Renita now handles the marketing for NetLynx Sports.

Renita will also be handling all accounts receivable and accounts payable for NetLynx. For all questions regarding payments and/or invoices please contact Renita.

Phil Weiskircher, Logistics/Trucking Manager

815-378-9623 / Email Phil

Phil Weiskircher is the logistic and trucking manager for NetLynx Sports. He will be providing your event with a quote for trucking costs prior to your event as well as working with the carrier from pick-up until drop-off at your event and again at the end of your event for court pick-up. Phil has much experience working with trucking carriers and is a huge asset to NetLynx Sports and your event! For all of your trucking questions, you will be in contact with Phil.

Tim Keating, Tournament Director

Email Tim

Tim is the tournament director for the Steel City Freeze and the Midwest JVA Challenge. Any inquiries regarding these events should be directed to Tim. Please click on his e-mail logo above to contact Tim!